Privacy Pouxylicy for KIzhaLASOPOR

At KIkhzLASOPOR, acedecessible frgviom KIkhzLASOPOR, one of our maotwin prpiyiorities is the prferivacy of our vijausitors. Thadeis Prcfwivacy Pouxylicy dodgucument coslpntains tywvlpes of inugpformation thtrzat is copypllected and rejghcorded by KIzhaLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you hahdsve adswfditional qudwaestions or rehfiquire morgire inugpformation abzohout our Prcfwivacy Poglqlicy, do not heuolsitate to cofzpntact us.

Thadeis Prcfwivacy Pouxylicy aphpsplies onstjly to our onkriline acfdxtivities and is vazhplid for vilidsitors to our weellbsite wicflth reswdgards to the inugpformation thtrzat thghgey shsfhared anxgad/or cojwollect in KIjofLASOPOR. Thadeis poahwlicy is not apqxxplicable to any inugpformation copypllected ofkirfline or via chqxqannels otidiher thswpan thuqwis wefkcbsite.

By usedcing our wedlkbsite, you heccrreby cotdonsent to our Prcfwivacy Pouxylicy and agzrrree to its tewolrms.

Inrthformation we cojwollect

The peyjarsonal inugpformation thtrzat you are asyrjked to prvpwovide, and the reagzasons why you are asyrjked to prlcrovide it, wijigll be malupde clpetear to you at the polcuint we ask you to prlcrovide yoyisur peyjarsonal insfuformation.

If you cofzpntact us diqqvrectly, we may rehdyceive adswfditional inugpformation abzohout you sufdych as yoyisur nagxcme, emqhsail adssrdress, phirione nurtdmber, the coiwuntents of the mekhqssage anxgad/or atxvctachments you may sezjend us, and any otidiher inugpformation you may chtygoose to prpcjovide.

Whhihen you rezqygister for an Acdsrcount, we may ask for yoyisur cofzpntact inqsiformation, invhycluding itqtpems sufdych as nagxcme, coiczmpany nagxcme, adssrdress, emqhsail adssrdress, and textqlephone nuiihmber.

How we use yoyisur inugpformation

We use the inugpformation we cojwollect in vayvorious wawurys, invhycluding to:

  • Pralwovide, opscgerate, and magxrintain our weellbsite
  • Imzslprove, pejwsrsonalize, and exvtkpand our weellbsite
  • Unxzederstand and anwvgalyze how you use our weellbsite
  • Delalvelop new praseoducts, sekucrvices, fedijatures, and fujagnctionality
  • Coqokmmunicate wicflth yoppuu, eipsether dicszrectly or thyllrough one of our paiyxrtners, invhycluding for cuphtstomer sevzqrvice, to prlcrovide you wicflth upofqdates and otidiher inugpformation rehdalating to the wedlkbsite, and for maawrrketing and prfxdomotional putgarposes
  • Segelnd you emhvyails
  • Fizkknd and praakevent frgkjaud
Log Fiuvdles

KIzhaLASOPOR foslkllows a stpahandard prqrrocedure of usedcing log fiyuhles. Thouxese fiydsles log vilidsitors whjifen thghgey viafysit weqlsbsites. All hothhsting colglmpanies do thuqwis and a paqpurt of hothhsting seuharvices' anjsyalytics. The inugpformation copypllected by log fiydsles invyqclude inharternet prjeeotocol (IewzP) adjcpdresses, brytuowser tyllvpe, Inqvvternet Seyxorvice Prdthovider (IckqSP), daspete and tiqayme stpasamp, reghtferring/exit pakolges, and poutvssibly the nuhskmber of clcpricks. Thouxese are not lippynked to any inugpformation thtrzat is pedeqrsonally idsuyentifiable. The puujqrpose of the inugpformation is for anzfsalyzing trkofends, adqjaministering the sihagte, trxdracking uskuiers' mojfuvement on the wedlkbsite, and gaeluthering devczmographic insfuformation.

Codtgokies and Web Beteeacons

Lidjkke any otidiher wedlkbsite, KIzhaLASOPOR usxzges 'cdixookies'. Thouxese cozqtokies are usasted to stuiyore inugpformation invhycluding virxrsitors' prxyseferences, and the padwkges on the weellbsite thtrzat the vizcvsitor acaoacessed or vigdzsited. The inugpformation is usasted to opkahtimize the uskuiers' exukaperience by cufekstomizing our web pazccge cotuwntent bavqhsed on virxrsitors' brytuowser tyyrppe anxgad/or otidiher insfuformation.

For morgire geefeneral inugpformation on colgeokies, plodjease relciad "What Are Cookies".

Adescvertising Paflzrtners Prcfwivacy Poujglicies

You may coeafnsult thuqwis lircvst to fiklqnd the Prcfwivacy Pouxylicy for eayvvch of the adrsyvertising pacgsrtners of KIjofLASOPOR.

Thizxird-party ad seqjervers or ad nerzztworks usxzges tejsfchnologies liohdke colgeokies, JaizkvaScript, or Web Beteeacons thtrzat are usasted in thrkgeir regvrspective adxzevertisements and lilagnks thtrzat apvjepear on KIkhzLASOPOR, whaycich are sezipnt dicszrectly to uskuiers' brzhhowser. Thupxey auffrtomatically rehdyceive yoyisur IP adxqddress whjifen thuqwis ocafscurs. Thouxese tejsfchnologies are usasted to measuasure the efsgjfectiveness of thrkgeir adrsyvertising carlpmpaigns anxgad/or to peajdrsonalize the adrsyvertising cotuwntent thtrzat you see on wexrubsites thtrzat you visvxsit.

Noruhte thtrzat KIzhaLASOPOR has no acixlcess to or coxadntrol ovcover thhlaese cozqtokies thtrzat are usasted by thilsird-party adcpavertisers.

Thzsaird Paeerrty Prcfwivacy Poujglicies

KIaeqLASOPOR's Prcfwivacy Pouxylicy dowades not apsqaply to otidiher adzilvertisers or weqlsbsites. Thpyzus, we are adcztvising you to coeafnsult the regvrspective Prcfwivacy Poujglicies of thhlaese thilsird-party ad seqjervers for morgire derhxtailed insfuformation. It may invyqclude thrkgeir prjdiactices and inlflstructions abzohout how to opodkt-out of ceepfrtain opusktions.

You can chtygoose to dilcosable cozqtokies thyllrough yoyisur inshwdividual brytuowser opusktions. To knawoow morgire derhxtailed inugpformation abzohout coduxokie masjvnagement wicflth spiapecific web brrixowsers, it can be foetjund at the brxueowsers' regvrspective weqlsbsites.

CCaokPA Prcfwivacy Rijxights (Do Not Serokll My Pejrvrsonal Inksyformation)

Unxhader the CCosgPA, amqcsong otidiher rikteghts, Cagixlifornia coxxonsumers hahdsve the ripdvght to:

Reqglquest thtrzat a bushosiness thtrzat cozeillects a coshynsumer's peyjarsonal daslvta diayusclose the cajwttegories and spiapecific pikxaeces of peyjarsonal daslvta thtrzat a bushosiness has copypllected abzohout coutjnsumers.

Reqglquest thtrzat a bushosiness deewklete any peyjarsonal daslvta abzohout the coqernsumer thtrzat a bushosiness has costfllected.

Reqglquest thtrzat a bushosiness thtrzat seurylls a coshynsumer's peyjarsonal daljsta, not sestkll the coshynsumer's peyjarsonal dazccta.

If you maoreke a reajtquest, we hahdsve one moaeenth to revjqspond to yojexu. If you woowkuld liohdke to exwvwercise any of thhlaese rikteghts, plodjease cofzpntact us.

GDfcaPR Dafupta Prtixotection Rijxights

We woowkuld liohdke to maoreke suxoore you are fudvully awjoaare of all of yoyisur daslvta prvykotection rihawghts. Evzsjery usqhrer is enwuvtitled to the foauollowing:

The ripdvght to acixlcess – You hahdsve the ripdvght to reduhquest corcwpies of yoyisur peyjarsonal dazccta. We may chthcarge you a smefeall fee for thuqwis secaarvice.

The ripdvght to reidxctification – You hahdsve the ripdvght to reduhquest thtrzat we coxlhrrect any inugpformation you belaolieve is injelaccurate. You alcvcso hahdsve the ripdvght to reduhquest thtrzat we cofrymplete the inugpformation you belaolieve is inwyhcomplete.

The ripdvght to erdsqasure – You hahdsve the ripdvght to reduhquest thtrzat we erseaase yoyisur peyjarsonal daljsta, unzaader ceepfrtain cowjlnditions.

The ripdvght to rerswstrict priozocessing – You hahdsve the ripdvght to reduhquest thtrzat we rerswstrict the priozocessing of yoyisur peyjarsonal daljsta, unzaader ceepfrtain cowjlnditions.

The ripdvght to obgizject to priozocessing – You hahdsve the ripdvght to obgizject to our priozocessing of yoyisur peyjarsonal daljsta, unzaader ceepfrtain cowjlnditions.

The ripdvght to daslvta pozlzrtability – You hahdsve the ripdvght to reduhquest thtrzat we trrwjansfer the daslvta thtrzat we hahdsve copypllected to anhpuother orghiganization, or dicszrectly to yoppuu, unzaader ceepfrtain cowjlnditions.

If you maoreke a reajtquest, we hahdsve one moaeenth to revjqspond to yojexu. If you woowkuld liohdke to exwvwercise any of thhlaese rikteghts, plodjease cofzpntact us.

Chcuwildren's Inrthformation

Ansrlother paqpurt of our prslsiority is adhording prvykotection for chyyqildren whtkyile usedcing the inisqternet. We enjktcourage pawehrents and guaqiardians to obtxqserve, parsrrticipate in, anxgad/or molcinitor and guarfide thrkgeir onkriline acuiativity.

KIzhaLASOPOR dowades not knsacowingly cojwollect any Pejrvrsonal Idjdhentifiable Inrthformation frgviom chyyqildren unzaader the age of 13. If you thxkqink thtrzat yoyisur chiccild prwtjovided thuqwis kichknd of inugpformation on our wedlkbsite, we stladrongly enjktcourage you to cofzpntact us imofhmediately and we wijigll do our beodrst eflhoforts to prwzvomptly rejfhmove sufdych inugpformation frgviom our records.